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Our wallpaper's Advantages

  • High-quality raw materials from the USA, Holland, Germany, and  England
  • Wash abilities (The wallpaper can resist the occasional sponge with a prescribed detergent solution.)
  • Nonhazardous
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-mold (Fungi)
  • You can place it indoors and outdoors.
  • Fire resistance. Follows the European standard fire class of            B-S1-DO.


Welcome to ESDEE Collective, where we believe that your walls are more than just blank canvases; they are opportunities to showcase your unique style and personality. We specialize in crafting extraordinary wallpapers that bring life and character to your interior spaces.

Our approach revolves around creating designs that are as distinctive as you are. We understand that everyone has their own set of preferences, tastes, and aspirations when it comes to interior aesthetics. That’s why we take the time to delve deep into understanding your vision, lifestyle, and functional requirements.

Through tailored consultations, we actively listen to your ideas and design inspirations, allowing us to create bespoke wallpaper that perfectly align with your needs.

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